Chikamasa Chikamasa Spring Scissors - Straight
Chikamasa Spring Scissors - Straight $17.50

Chikamasa Spring Scissors - Straight

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Chikamasa Spring Snips T500S from the prestigious Japanese manufacturer Chikamasa. This professional quality snip features STRAIGHT razor sharp stainless steel blades. Its rounded blade edge helps to prevent damage to plants while trimming. The spring action, stainless steel spring helps to alleviate hand fatigue. Chikamasa scissors are made with high quality Japanese stainless steel that is long lasting and resistant to corrosion.

The handle is made from soft resin gum and is comfortable in the hand. Patented grooves in the rivet mechanism work to prevent resin build up and to make cleaning easy. Safety band at base of handles keeps snips locked while not in use.

This lightweight, spring action pruning snip is a premier tool for the industry. Experienced trimmers will appreciate Chikamasa scissors and novices will be quick to succeed in pruning and shaping their plants.

Chikamasa Scissors are considered to be the best scissors for professional trimming. They are comfortable. They are sleek and well made. The brand is known for its superior craftsmanship throughout many agricultural applications including bonsai, viticulture and cannabis cultivation.

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