Gnatrol Wdg 16# (OMRI) - 1/2 LB Bag
Gnatrol Wdg 16# (OMRI) - 1/2 LB Bag $18.00

Gnatrol Wdg 16# (OMRI) - 1/2 LB Bag

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Gnatrol WDG Water Dispersible Granule biological larvicide offers the same effective control of fungus gnat larvae that growers expect from Gnatrol, but with added product benefits.

Increased shelf life - now 2 years liquid formulation was only 1 year Much more concentrated; less product packaging to carry around and to dispose of Increased convenience and application accuracy Easier to measure and wont leave a residue like the liquid formulation Can be used on vegetables, bulb crops, bedding plants and a wide variety of ornamentals Fungus gnats stop feeding almost immediately after it is digested, and death occurs 24 to 48 hours later OMRI listed Gnatrol WDG is a biological control for fungus gnat larvae.

It contains a variety of bacillus thuringiensis bacteria that kills most gnat larvae. Apply as a soil drench or add to the nutrient solution of your growing system.

Does not kill adult fungus gnats, but once the larvae is killed, the adults will quickly die off.

Can be used up to the day of harvest on all edible plants. Use 0.25 to 3.25 teaspoons 0.9 to 7.3 grams per gallon of water depending on severity of infestation.

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